Thursday, August 9, 2007

We need a button

If you have any ideas as to what sort of image we should use as our mascot and/or if you wish to volunteer as Official Button Maker please leave a comment. I'd be ever so grateful.


Lee said...

What's up, Imani. You should finagle some way to get this as your button image. My friend Moira makes books, including this one (and probably buttons) at

As for authors, I vote E.R. Eddings, who got very efficiently burried by Tolkien in the fantasy world, but some of whose books are quite good.

Imani said...

Ha, That's a brilliant choice! How marvellous. For that alone I'd allow your Eddings to sail in unchecked. (But I did check up on him, of course.)

Which leads me to wonder: is William Morris unfashionable? Hmmm.

Eva said...

hi Imani! I was bored, so I played around with a couple ideas for buttons. I ended up w/ one modern feeling one and one more 'classic'-ish feeling. If you make me a member of the blog, I can post the images here. I promise my feelings won't get hurt if you don't like them. ;)