Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ex Libris' Reading List

I have participated in, and failed, several reading challenges. In fact, I nearly swore off them for the remainder of the year. But when I saw this challenge, I just knew I had to participate. I love the idea of reading outmoded authors. It was interesting to see a list of authors who fall into this category. It includes many I've never heard of, but there are also several whose books reside on my shelves - often with more than one title. And I was rather surprised to see D. H. Lawrence on this list.

I have selected five books for this challenge:
  • Journal of a Solitude by May Sarton
  • A World of Love by Elizabeth Bowen
  • Nightwood by Djuna Barnes
  • The Merry-Go-Round by W. Somerset Maugham
  • Adam's Breed by Radclyffe Hall
Realistically I'm not sure how many I will complete. If I find I have the time, I may also include some short stories by Djuna Barnes and D. H. Lawrence.

Thank you, Imani, for bringing these authors back to the forefront for all of us to discover and enjoy.


Dorothy W. said...

It sounds like a bunch of us will be reading Nightwood, which should be fun, and also something by Bowen -- it'll be great to compare notes on all these authors!

Ex Libris said...

Yes it will, Dorothy! I've been wanting to read Barnes for some time now, but have never seemed to be able to work her into my reading schedule. In addition to Nightwood, I have some of her short stories and plays that I hope to read, too.

Imani said...

You're welcome Ex libiris, although the final list was a group effort. Yay for someone else reading Adam's Breed as I'll be reading that one as well. Bowen and Sarton are also on my list too, as well as D.H. Lawrence (Sons and Lovers), although I'm not sure what I'm reading for the first two.