Sunday, February 10, 2008

Olivia Manning - The Balkan Trilogy

I have just discovered that The Balkan Trilogy is being broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as Fortunes of War. Today was the third in a series of three programmes, two programmes allotted to each book in the trilogy. It seems that Olivia Manning is no longer an outmoded author. The dramatisation is good, with Joanna Lumley taking the part of Harriet, looking back on events and Honeysuckle Weeks as young Harriet. Both are just right for the part.

I’ve read the first two books The Great Fortune and The Spoilt City, but not yet read the third book Friends and Heroes. I am waiting for it to be delivered, so in the meantime this is just perfect. I’ll be able to listen to it in the next two episodes before I get to the book.


Anonymous said...

It was produced in England by the BBC (I think) and was shown under the same title (The Fortunes of War) in the 90's with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh--superb series. It's out on DVD--you might wish to see it--I for one recommend it highly.

Cheers from
Beau in Seattle

BooksPlease said...

Thanks, Beau, I hadn't heard of that. I'll have to look out for it.

JayV said...

I googled Balkan Trilogy and found this post! I'm just watching the Fortunes of War series with Thompson and Branagh right now - for the umpteenth time - and it's wonderful each time I view it. The books are great, too!

(I'm delighted to have found this blog, I'll have to check out further some of the authors - I have read several before, too!)

Paul H said...

No doubt it is far too late to participate in this discussion but as someone who has put Olivia Manning off for years on the basis she was bound to be boring and has just discovered (in the Levant Trilogy) that she isn't I am delighted to see others keeping the word.

Paul H